Estate Planning and Probate

Over 70 percent of the adults who died last year did not have a last will & testament or an updated will, creating millions of difficult decisions and needless family quarrels, and billions of dollars in avoidable inheritance taxes and probate expenses.

“The best way to predict the future is to invent it.” – Alan Kay

Probate in Alabama

In addition to the comprehensive wills and estate planning services that our firm offers, we at the law office of John C. Saylor, LLC can help take care of the administration of the estate when a family member dies.

We are very familiar with the Alabama probate process and the various tools that are available to help settle estates, whether or not a will is available. Ordinarily, the probate process in Alabama is much simpler than many people realize, and so it can often be an efficient and economical way to settle an estate.

When probate is contested, we can handle the resulting litigation as well. These probate contests can often be complex and overwhelming. We are experienced trial lawyers and strive to ensure that your rights are represented in probate court to the maximum extent.

You do not have to face probate matters alone. We not only help you understand and navigate the probate process, but also assist in uncovering any alternatives to probate that may help keep you and your family moving forward while minimizing the negative impact that these issues have on your lives.

Contact the law office of John C. Saylor, LLC, today to discuss your probate options. We are straightforward in our assessment of your case and strive to set realistic expectations for our clients.

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